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The Family That Sustains Me

My Children

My Wife

Joy is a Graduate Student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas Norris II is pondering the path he should take in life to the glory of God. My Wife, Doris Ann Harris
Doris is the daughter of the late Pastor C. L. Harris and her living mother Dollie Harris. She attended Texas Tech university with an emphasis on the teaching profession. Doris is a saved young lady ho was instructed well in the art of Soul-Winning and Child Evangelism. She has functioned in the Body of Christ additionally in the Helps Ministry. Her desire is first for her children to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to excel in whatever field of endeavor the Lord leads them in.              
Perisseia is a Junior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Kendra is a Sophomore at South Plain College in Lubbock, Texas.
Isaac is a Senior at Estacado High School All of our children are musically inclined. Joy is a music major at Texas Tech. She plays piano, keyboard, drums, bass, vibes, and organ. Perisseia is blessed with a beautiful soprano voice, play trombone and is gifted with an extraordinary brain. Kendra's desire is to be a pediatrician. Norris' desire to master the technological field with an emphasis on computers and he blows the sax. And Isaac is mechanically inclined with an excellent hear for music and plays keyboards and trombone. Truly, Doris and I are blessed of the Lord with an heritage from the Lord!!!

About Me - Biographical

Saved for 31 years. Preaching/Teaching and Pastoring for 26 years. I discovered America 58 years ago in the small rural West Texas town of Stamford.

Attended Houston Baptist University, Southwestern Theological Seminary.

Pastored five churches in Texas: Pleasant Hill B.C.-Bryan, Texas ... Greater Hope B.C.-College Station, Texas ... Greater Ideal B.C.-Midland, Texas ... Mount Olivet B.C.-Midland, Texas ... New Zion B.C.-Lubbock, Texas. Founded and organized two churches. Served as President of several ministerial Alliances, Dean of Congress of Christian Education. Served on various boards and community organizations.

Currently I'm actively engaged in growing the work the Lord has given me, Norris Harris I Ministries. Since 1990 I've been listening to the voice of God's Spirit in constructing and expanding this ministry. As of this date, this ministry has founded the F.O.G (Friend Of God) Publishing Ministry, Audio/Visual Ministry, Equipping Ministry and since 2000 has put forward THE WILDERNESS VOICE ( a monthly newsletter).

I feel the greatest challenge facing the Body of Christ in this new millennium is that of authentic growth. Growth is a divine grace which occurs, I believe, in the context of struggle, tension and opposition. I believe the Scriptures teach that we grow because of and not in spite of tribulation and trouble. Tension is the context within which we are extended, expanded and stretched to surpass a certain limit, context, situation or life experience. It is my prayer that the community of faith will come to realize this dynamic in growth and embrace the challenge of being stretched beyond our current limits. God is glorified in the fires of adversity!

I am waiting and listening to the voice of God for further directions as to ministry. My heart is in the pastoral ministry but currently I'm functioning in the capacity of Helps to the Body of Christ. If your church is seeking an authentic ministry from God, consider me in your search process.

You're listening to "Jesus Medley."


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